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Slow Beauty Rituals

Creating Rituals, Celebrating Traditions

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The love is already pouring in...

This coconut oil blend is unlike others I've used before, its light and absorbs ultra fast!


I love this idea of slow beauty rituals, its the kind of self care I didn't know I needed


Who knew coconut oil & turmeric can be such a power combo for my face, my body, my hair. LOVE.


At wildpatch we believe in...

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Plant powered ancient wisdom

An ode to an ancestral elixir - a beautifully crafted blend of raw virgin coconut oil, cold pressed at the source in small batches and combined with other powerhouse adaptogens.

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Food grade skin & hair oils

We believe that if you can’t eat it, it doesn’t belong on your skin. That's why our food grade oils are rich in vitamins, antioxidants & is anti inflammatory to purify, nourish and rebalance your skin & hair.

Body positivity, beautiful body curves

Positive body, positive mind

We don't believe in unattainable, perfect beauty standards. For beauty to be a part of your spiritual journey you must be comfortable with your own body and its beautiful curves. That's why for us beauty means a healthy body, mind & soul.

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