4 Enemies of Coconut oil

Like anything natural, pure coconut oil can go bad over time. The good news is that although the shelf life on our packs legally needs to state 2 years, coconut oil can last for longer than 5 years. Unlike most other plant based oils that go bad fast, the stable chemical structure of coconut oil resist spoilage. That coupled with the anti microbial properties reduce contamination. But there are things that can inhibit this.

Here are some things to avoid to keep your coconut oil fresh for as long as possible 

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Enemy #1: Air

Air can oxidize coconut oil and turn it rancid. Rancid oils can cause free radical damage and inflame skin. We know that screwing on and screwing off a jar can be cumbersome, that’s why we designed the Wildpatch jars with a lid that you just need to pop on top to keep it air tight.

Enemy #2: Heat

Coconut oil has a low melting point, which in itself isn’t a bad thing. But if you want to use it on your skin, having it in solid form makes it easier to spread. So keep a watch out for temperature fluctuations especially if you store it in the bathroom. High and fluctuating temperatures can make the oil oxidize faster. We designed our jars in borosilicate glass because it’s a good thermal insulator that can help keep the oil inside consistently cool.

Enemy #3: Light

Those sun rays peeping through the window and dancing on your night stand is so beautiful, but if your coconut oil is sitting there too it can get oxidized and its degradation process can be accelerated. That’s why we picked opaque glass jars to store the Wildpatch oils. Even then, best keep it tucked away from light. 

Enemy #4: Moisture

That long hot shower feels so good, but it fills the bathroom with steam and moisture. So if you have your coconut oil jar opened up, it can get spoilt. Always remember to pop the lid back on after use.

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Side note: if the oil in your jar is liquid but you see white chunks, worry not. Its probably in semi solid state due to the temperature and it hasn’t gone bad.


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