On Wildpatch’s Bookshelf – The Ultimate Summer Reading List

Welcome to our very first On Wildpatch's Bookshelf—this seasonal series is a curation of what people we admire are reading right now. In the pursuit of screen-free time, reading is one of our favorite analog activities. Be it on the beach or on the way to the beach, or curled up on our couch or sitting on a train, these books are our best summer reading list.

summer reading on the beach

Braiding Sweetgrass

Braiding sweet grass book cover

This book by Robin Wall Kimmerer is an incredible book about nature as friend and teacher. This book is the perfect read to the year we have all had and this quote summarizes it perfectly, "When you have all the time in the world, you can spend it not on going somewhere, but on being where you are."


Finding the Mother Tree

A book by Suzanne Simard. Its about discovering how the forest is wired for intelligence and healing. How trees and old growth forests create a network and community through their roots and how they communicate with each other and communicate with other plants and how they might actually feed each other, depending on the circumstances of the environment


Crying in H Mart

Chances are all your friends have raved about this memoir by Michelle Zauner. This tear jerker is about the Korean American author, losing her mother and finding her own identity. It’s a compelling story of family, food, grief, and endurance that will leave you in tears.


The Other Black Girl

the other black girl book cover

Is about a young black woman who was an assistant at a publishing house facing isolation and microaggression. Written by Zakiya Dalila Harris its about the hijinks both painful and hilarious that took place during her time and that she might imagine might've taken place.


Your Fully Charged Life

Your fully charged life book cover

Meaghan B Murphy writes the perfect guide for becoming more present, energetic, optimistic and fully charged every day. The book is filled with personal experiences, learnings from positive psychology and neuroscience and inspiring stories. It’s a welcome dose of positivity coupled with smart, realistic ways to be a better parent, partner and friend.

What's on your summer reading list?


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