Plastic Comb vs Wooden Comb, is there really a difference?

Simple answer, YES ABSOLUTELY. 

We spend so much time, money and energy trying to use the right products for our hair - be it a shampoo, conditioner or treatment. But have you stopped to think your comb is as important to your hair health? Remember that time when your brushed your teeth too hard with a harsh brush and your gums bled? Same thing. You need to have the right comb that can not only just comb through, but really help your scalp and hair health. 

Many people use plastic combs, but are they really good for you? Lets start with the basics

1. Plastic combs cause static and makes hair frizz and tangle. But wooden combs are made with carbon same as your scalp and hair. So there is absolutely no friction and static caused by it, instead it helps smooth your hair

2. Plastics are toxic. We may not realize it but over time plastics release toxins in to your scalp. Wooden combs on the other hand does the exact poolside - it releases natural oils that can nourish your scalp

3. Wooden combs do a much better job at distributing your scalps natural oils and prevents grease buildup in the root. This mean you can get shinier, healthier hair. Plastic combs on the other hand can't do this properly because the hair oil sticks to it instead of getting distributed.

4. Hair growth problems? Wooden combs can help by stimulating the hair follicles to give you think, long hair

5. Plastic combs can irritate the scalp. Remember the toxins we spoke about? That coupled with sharp ended bristles can irritate your scalp. But wooden combs are gentler and won't hurt your scalp. This really helps prevent dandruff too

And finally lets not forget that plastic combs are mass produced and are made with fossil fuels. We know most plastics don't get recycled and combs probably fall into the list because they are too small for recycling machines.

You probably already have a plastic comb, but don't throw it away because that would be wasteful, but next time you have to replace it, consider a wooden comb  

Try The Detangler, our sustainably sourced pure neem wood comb. It has anti microbial and anti fungal properties. Best part is that it stimulates your follicles to increase circulation, nourish roots and promote healthy hair growth.


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