Questions for a Mid Year-ish Reset

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7 months in, I’m sitting down this rainy Sunday morning to reflect and reset. Maybe its because my birthday is round the corner, or maybe because a month later I just realized we are halfway through this year. It’s been one curveball after another. A year that was meant to uplift from a treacherous year. Are we seeing light at the end of the tunnel? Have you stepped into the light?

Have you taken a moment to reflect what this year has brought you so far? If not and like me you’d like a little mid-year reset, here are a few prompts to get you thinking…journal these so that it really sets in.

Questions for a Mid-Year Reset

  1. Past: how would you describe the last seven months – was there a theme that can tie it all in? what are the moments you fell like you were stuck? Which moments energized you? What have you learnt?
  2. Present: how do you feel right now, in this moment, reading this? what are you grateful for today?
  3. Future: how would you like to feel at the end of this year? Try to describe this in as much sensory detail as possible so your subconscious knows what to look out for. What steps do you need to take to get to this feeling?

You already have the answers to your happiness, so take a moment to make space for your mind to realize them and guide you forward.

‘If we take care of the moments, the years take care of themselves’ — Maria Edgeworth

Wishing you reflection



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