Ritual of You

I've just kinda been out of it lately. Took a 2 week holiday that broke my routine (in all the best ways possible) and while I came back completely rejuvenated, getting back into social media has been a struggle. I know we've all been there. As a soon to be small business owner, social media can make it or break it. But as an advocate of slow living I constantly struggle with it. I've had a recurring slot in my calendar every day for the last one month to sit down and finalize content, but I haven't gotten around to it. Then I came across something beautifully titled "The ritual of being you.." that is worth sharing...

Inspired by honesty within yourself and with those around you, this ritual stems from new growth and the desire for unity from within. Weaving together an authentic connection through your mind + body is at the core of it. To be your truest self implores the necessity of showing up for yourself. Even in tough moments, being in tune with your body and your needs.

Through mindful musings and moving with intention you can show up for yourself to be exactly what you need. May it be an evening yoga flow, or a long relaxing bath. Journaling before bed, or speaking self-affirmations over yourself. Taking time to do what feels right for your body and mind, and learning to find your unique voice. Let your inner thoughts out and embrace where you currently are and understand that there is strength in softness, boldness in honesty.

As we accept the change that the seasons bring, learn to embody the ritual of being you. Feel the boldness in everyday moments and listen to what you need. Through authenticity and honesty, you can be your truest self. Here are some practical tips to embrace the ritual of Being You:
1. Show up for yourself
2. Find your voice
3. Embrace your truest self


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