Skinimalism - An effective & sustainable approach

Skinimalism isn’t just a stripped back beauty trend that lazy girls love, it’s a powerful antithesis to what the beauty industry has been preaching since the beginning of time. When it comes to skin care, we’ve always been told more is more – the more active packed layers you put on, the more your skin will glow. But excessive skin care can be detrimental to your skin. It can create compromised skin barrier, redness, irritation and even acne and scars. So maybe a note on skinimalism is worth a read.

So what is skinimalism? As the word suggests is a minimalistic approach to skin care, stripping back a x step routine in favor of a more intentional approach - whether that means reducing the number of products and active ingredients or simply wearing less foundation to allow our real skin to shine through. It’s about harnessing the power of multitasking products and embracing a more sustainable approach.

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But how do you transition from that slather fest to a skinimalist regime? Especially when we have been told that our skin desperately needs many things. First, lets start with the facts. There is no such thing as a product which is good for one part of your skin and not the other – all skin shares the same everyday needs. The easiest way to start is to avoid buying two moisturizers – one for day and one for night, for an example. Easy, sustainable and affordable.

Next its important to know that many products share the same ingredients. Even the active ones. You sometimes need a combination of ingredients to deliver the benefits promised. You might be duplicating your efforts with more than one product.

Here is how you can start:

  1. Diet – give your skin a week off without any products. Give it space to breathe and stand on its own.
  2. Declutter – this doesn’t mean that you should throw away all your products. But focus on the products that can really benefit your skin. Read the ingredients and see how many products share the same (you’ll be surprised at the lack of differentiation). Choose the multi taskers.
  3. Test – try out the products you feel you really need one at a time. If it has no impact on your skin, it probably doesn’t belong in your arsenal.
  4. Donate – give away the ones you don’t need. There are many organizations where you can donate new and even use cosmetics and toiletries.

So what are you waiting for? Radically simple yet glowing skin awaits.


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