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Wildpatch is a beauty and wellness brand that aims to radically simplify skin and hair care and add spirituality to beauty. The brand is launched with the world’s first range of coconut oils infused with ayurvedic adaptogens, made with food grade ingredients. Inspired by ancient ayurveda and beauty rituals in South Asia, Wildpatch aims to end cultural appropriation of beauty ingredients and ensure the communities these practices originate from benefit from it's fame in the west. Press contact:

Asian founders work to steer the narrative as beauty trends pull from their cultures: Shalini Seneviratne, who grew up in Sri Lanka soaking her hair in oil alongside two older generations of women in her family, says it's disappointing to see that it took "a new, cool name" for Western media to legitimize hair oiling. She is is working to change that. In March, she launched the coconut oil brand Wildpatch, as an ode to her Sri Lankan heritage.

All the Best New Beauty Products to Know About This March - Wildpatch advocates for a slow beauty through a ritualistic, minimalistic approach. The line's latest addition, Golden Hour ($36), is turmeric-infused coconut oil that promises to hydrate skin and hair. Inspired by the brand founder's cultural beauty traditions, the ingredients come from small family-owned farms in Sri Lanka, where women make up 60% of the workforce.

I Tried Hair Slugging, TikTok's New Favorite Hair Hack - Historically speaking, the practice of hair oiling dates back thousands of years, with women in South Asian cultures creating homemade oil concoctions as part of their weekly hair rituals. "Traditionally the ritual is practiced by women of different generations, helping build a deeper sense of community and female bonding. This isn't done to solve a specific hair problem but done regularly to promote healthy scalp and hair," Shalini Seneviratne, founder of Wildpatch, a beauty and wellness brand, tells POPSUGAR. "The practice dramatically improves scalp health that results in thicker, stronger hair that grows faster. It can even prevent hair loss and slow down greying."

This New Brand Is Challenging Everything You Thought You Knew About Coconut Oil. Seneviratne set out to turn Wildpatch into a different kind of coconut oil brand. It wouldn’t just foist basic coconut oil on consumers. She dug deep into the history of coconuts to discover they’re native to Asian islands such as Sri Lanka, and that coconut oil for cooking wasn’t traditionally the same as the coconut oil for beauty. She identified suppliers of heirloom coconuts in Sri Lanka—Wildpatch partners with regenerative, certified fair-trade, small family-owned farms in the country with workforces that are 60% female—and employed an age-old technique of distilling coconut oil five times to purify it.

10 Women-Owned Indie Brands You May Not Have Heard Of (Yet!) - Favorite Product: The Golden Hour coconut melt is a delightful combination of coconut oil and turmeric that smells like toasted coconut and leaves skin immediately glowing and hair healthy and shiny.

Launch Press Release: Wildpatch launches a holistic beauty & wellness line in an attempt to add spirituality to beauty and decolonize Asian beauty ingredients. Reframing beauty routines as soulful beauty rituals, Wildpatch launches the first ever range of coconut oils infused with Ayurvedic adaptogens for skin and hair care. “Growing up in Sri Lanka I have always known beauty to be closely interlinked with holistic wellness and to be slow, purposeful and clean rituals that nourished you physically, emotionally and spiritually. It’s this deep belief that led me to starting Wildpatch” says Co-Founder Shalini Seneviratne.