5 Genius Summer Hair Hacks I Wish I Had Known Earlier

Remember the time Monica from friends went to Barbados, come summer that’s all I can think of.

Monica from friends with frizzy hair

The summer heat, humidity and all that water activity can wreak havoc on your hair – making it dry, frizzy and knotty. So here are 5 tried and tested hair hacks to solve your summer hair woes. 

  1. Hair oil – keep the frizz and the baby hair strands down with a light hair oil. You will always find us recommending coconut oil for its multitude of benefits. But most importantly this is an oil born in the hot tropics, so nature designed it for frizz if you ask us. We also love Ranavat's Fortifying Hair Serum Mighty Majesty it does wonders to moisturize your hair!

    hair oiling and comb

  2. Hair mask – coat your mane in a mask before you do any kind of water or outdoor sun activity. It protects your hair and reduces dryness. Hair masks work on your hair to condition it while you are out having fun. So it’s a win win. Our personal favorite is Shaz&Kiks' Pre Wash. Its made with all sorts of scalp and hair nourishing goodies to keep you protected. The best part is it dries really quickly and you can keep it on for days on end without worrying.
    shaz & kiks pre wash on hair

  3. Keep hair off your face. Hair and scalp tend to get oily and sweaty in the summer, it can drip on to your face causing acne. So try to keep your oil hair away from your face by combing it back or using a head band. We recommend a beautiful silk headband from our friends at Soieli Silk - they are hand painted, they are silk, they are gorgeous, need we say more?
    Silk head band hand painted with flowers from Soieli Silk

  4. Rinse your hair first with tap water before jumping the pool or the ocean.Your hair strands will absorb the tap water, which will then prevent the chemicals in the pool water or salt in the sea water from damaging your hair.
    wet hair

  5. Tie it up - So if all else fails, tie your hair. I must admit most often I resort to this, because my hair can get wild. So I dab a little oil and try to keep it in one place. Try a summer bun or a beautiful braid, adorn it with some flowers because ‘tis the season.
    braided hair with red flowers


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