A sleep ritual to wind you down

We all know the importance of sleep, yet many of us struggle from a full night of peaceful sleep. So here is a sleep ritual that will help you wind down for a long night's uninterrupted sleep. 

Before going to bed dim your room lights, light some incense or a candle and journal your reflections of the day. Alternatively do a few restorative yoga poses like the hero pose, child pose and the butterfly fold. You can always do both.

sleep restorative yoga poses

Immerse your Wildpatch jar in warm water for a few minutes to heat the oil. You can skip this step if you don’t have time. Rub your hands together to create some heat and keep your hands over your face, close your eyes – breathe in for four counts and out for six. Do a few rounds as you let your eyes deeply relax. Take a generous portion massage on to your hair for 5 minutes. Try to keep your eyes closed. Keep the oil overnight and wash the next morning

On days you feel extra stressed, massage your head and shoulders with some warm Wildpatch oil.


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