Hair Mask Recipe for Nourished Healthy Hair

You will need:

2 tablespoons of Wildpatch Heirloom Oil

Optional ingredients:

Curly hair: avocado

Frizzy hair: Banana

Thin hair: Egg. Sounds gross, but trust us.

Damaged hair: honey


Immerse your Wildpatch jar in warm water for a few minutes to heat the oil (optional)

Add any or all of the optional ingredients if required. Or you can only use Wildpatch Heirloom oil

Apply on damp or dry hair. Start from the roots and make your way to the tip of the hair

Deeply massage your scalp starting from the top of your head

Tie into a bun and keep for at least 30 minutes. We do recommend that you keep it overnight if possible

Rise with shampoo. You won’t need hair conditioner

Its safe to use on colored or treated hair


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