Sri Lanka Crisis Relief

Wildpatch started as an ode to our Sri Lankan heritage, to show the world our roots, our rituals and our ingredients. But today Sri Lanka is faced with an unprecedented economic and humanitarian crisis. The problem is complicated, the solution is even more complicated and will require long term policy change. But right now Sri Lankans don't have access to food, medication, fuel, electricity, gas. So we want to do something. 

We are donating 100% of our sales in the month of April directly to the people of Sri Lanka. BUY HERE.

We will travel to Sri Lanka end of the month to personally hand over the donations of food & medicine to ensure that people who need it the most are the ones getting it. 

All our products are sourced from Sri Lanka from fair trade farms and factories. We pay well above market prices for our ingredients in order to ensure we systematically improve their living standard. 

How else you can help:
Global Shapers have started a go fund me to buy dry rations. 

Foundation of Goodness is a registered non profit in both USA & Sri Lanka that is helping on ground. You can donate via their page.

Kola Goodies another brand with Sri Lankan heritage is donating all proceeds from their sales as well as running a sticker sale campaign to generate funds. 

If you want more information about what is happening in Sri Lanka here are some resources:

1. NYT article

2. Bloomberg Article

3. Al Jazeera video